Meet the MacBears

A family of bears who live beside a secret loch in the forgotten lands of the north. There are grumpy Grampa MacBear, reliable Mother MacBear, adventurer Father MacBear, and their four bearns: sensible Duff, imaginative Beth, mischievous Tosh, and burbling Baby Brother.

You will love them, laugh at them and share the excitement of their unexpected adventures.

So far there are two stories: The MacBears of Bearloch and The MacBears and the Bishbirds.

(The MacBears of Bearloch has appeared in print [Inverness: Aultbea, 2006] but is now out of print. There are a few copies available for purchase if you are a really serious fan.)

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The MacBears of Bearloch

The MacBears and the Bishbirds

Map of Bearloch