Most years I write a poem for Christmas. Here are the ones I like best:

Haiku for an Advent Calendar

Wait and see (Simeon and Anna)

The bleary cows

There for them

The magi tell of their journey

The adoration

The dream of the magi

The Magi return to their own country by another way



The magi remember

First light


Canticles for the Twelve Days of Christmas

Fall to December 2012

The Star

Song of the Shepherds

“He took the child and his mother by night”

Odes to Francis of Assisi

A sequence of seven poems

Il Poverello

The Cross at San Damiano

A Song for Brother Sun

A Song for Sister Moon

A Song for Brother Fire

A Song for the Most High

A Song for Sister Death

Odes to Van Gogh

Six poems


Four poems


Here is a selection of my haiku. They are a mixture of poems whose content chimes with the true Japanese haiku tradition and others that use the haiku form to encapsulate a reflection.